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Kate Dougherty, Cirrus Design

"Video has been an integral part of our sales and marketing efforts. Pro Video has produced high caliber company overviews, marketing DVDs and time-sensitive video news release footage for Cirrus for over a decade."

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Larry Montford, Northwest Airlines

"I enjoyed being able to remember quite fondly the experiences of participating in the making of the documentary 'Destination Duluth.' That was the first of that type of effort that I'd been involved in and I must say that Pro Video spoiled me. The ease with which they handled the production along with the professionalism that was displayed at all times set such a high standard and made me wonder if all production companies worked in such a manner. I soon found out this wasn't the case. Pro Video was certainly a notch above many of the others that I have had the opportunity to be involved with over the years.

"I am certain that 'Destination Duluth' was an example of the fine quality of work that Pro Video has continued to do. I was honored to be a part of it."

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Art Erickson, Urban Ventures Leadership Program

“Tom Livingston and his team at Pro Video have done seven videos for us ranging from 5 minutes 30 seconds to 14 minutes 30 seconds. Each end product exceeded our expectations. I believe that this was due to three things: they spent time with us before shooting to thoroughly understand and organize the story to be captured on each video, they did remarkable filming, and the editing produced a succinct, emotional, hard-hitting and well-orchestrated story. In addition to all this, they give great service after the product is completed. They understand relationships, how to communicate relationships, and do it with top-flight quality. I give them my highest recommendation.”

Jim Krile, Blandin Community Leadership Program

"It has been our experience with Pro Video that they have the ability to take complex ideas and make them come alive in real stories about real people. Their work is consistently marked by excellence, integrity and respect".

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Brad Lemke, ASV Inc.

"ASV Inc. has used Pro Video Productions on all of our video projects for several years now, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The quality and service we have received from the staff at Pro Video has been beyond expectations. When you sell a product that almost needs to be seen to be believed, having a promotional video is an absolute necessity. That is why we rely so heavily on Pro Video."

Parnell Thill, IKONICS Corporation

"I’ve depended on Pro Video for nearly a decade. The care and professionalism with which Tom and his team approach every project is perhaps best exemplified in the pre-production phase, where a lot of energy is spent working to understand and hone the primary message of the project. In my experience, this is what separates Pro Video from the rest of the pack. Highly produced video is easy to come by. Highly relevant commercial video is not. When it comes to videography -- Pro Video gives our organization the best chance at reaching our audience with a relevant, compelling, artfully packaged message."

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Bill Hansen, Former President, BWCAW Education Consortium and Owner, Sawbill Outfitters

"I’m a big fan of Pro Video! Having worked with them on several projects over the last 15 years, I’ve been very happy with their creativity, professionalism, and top-notch finished product. They do much more than just produce a fine product. They are true partners in the project, bringing a world of experience and ideas to the table. The people of Pro Video are easy to work with, clear communicators, will go the extra mile, and always do what they say they will do. I give them my highest recommendation, with enthusiasm."

Billie Edwards, NPO Foods

"Pro Video is the best. We came to know about Pro Video through a project for The Friends of BWCAW which we helped sponsor. When it was time for us to do a video for our own business, we naturally went to them. Although we are not a large company, we were treated with great respect. We will ever be thankful for the very personal, yet professional manner in which we were treated. They took the time to know us and our business and made every effort to produce a quality video within our budget and one which portrays our company's character and standards. We have not been disappointed. We not only have established a good business relationship, but have made new friends."

Richard Eisenberg, School of Medicine, University of Minnesota Duluth

"I have just completed my second project with Pro Video. This one gave me the opportunity to work with both Tom Livingston and Jack Lind. They and their crew are truly professional, accomplished, and cooperative. The project entailed the production of 12 very short stories on medical situations that served to introduce didactic information in a CD-ROM for health professional education. This required meeting specific content goals for each case. We all worked as a team to create a very high-quality product -- a thoroughly enjoyable experience. They have my most enthusiastic endorsement."


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