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Founded in 1903 at Potlatch, Idaho, the Potlatch Corporation is a diversified forest products company with timberlands in Arkansas, Idaho and Minnesota totaling more than 1.5 million acres. Potlatch uses the best available technology to support its forest management, tracking information about soils, terrain, waterways and other characteristics of the forest. Potlatch owns more than 320,000 acres of timberland and is Minnesota's largest private landowner. Aspen and red pine are the primary species grown. Logs and fiber from Potlatch lands are sold to other lumber, panel, and paper manufacturers in Minnesota, and then the forestlands are replanted or regenerated naturally after harvest completion. Potlatch is involved in the development, implementation and monitoring of Minnesota's new voluntary guidelines, which protect water quality and visual quality of the state's timberlands. Potlatch follows these guidelines when harvesting its own lands and requires that they be followed on all timber harvesting on public and private timber stands it purchases.


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