About Pro Video

Celebrating our 25th silver anniversary in business, Pro Video Productions Inc. creates and produces high-quality videos and television commercials for corporations, educational and nonprofit organizations, community and economic development initiatives, and government agencies. We also produce documentaries and programs for broadcast on television.

The hallmark of Pro Video is our reputation of producing programs that create vision and understanding. The company seeks to be part of meaningful, collaborative private-public initiatives and to produce communications that build goodwill and benefit the quality of life and prosperity of communities and society. We tell compelling stories and promote the good work, products, and services of our clients.

We commit the time, talent, and resources necessary for producing effective videos, Internet web site presentations and content, and television programs, commercials and infomercials. Pro Video develops and produces programs for a variety of purposes, including marketing, advertising, promotion, public relations, image/identity enhancement, recruitment, education and training, and philanthropic fundraising.

Our goal is to get results for our clients. We collaborate with clients to identify the strategic objectives of the project, target audiences, key messages and information that need to be conveyed, and desired viewer response and outcomes.

We know how to maximize the power of video. We produce programs that entertain, enlighten, and motivate viewers. We approach each project with a keen sense for discovering the life of the story and then we tell this story through creative, interesting, high-impact programming.

We invest ourselves in the creative process from start to finish -- program planning, research, design, script writing, talent and location scouting, shooting, narration, music selection, and final editing and production. All of our productions are broadcast-quality with superior images, crisp graphics and special effects, and outstanding digital audio. We have the capability to produce remarkably vivid programs using state-of-the-art widescreen HD (High Definition) technology.

To get results, videos and television commercials need to be seen. We work with our clients to develop a plan for ensuring that the video/program will have high visibility and distribution, and will be used regularly in presentations at meetings, events, trade shows, on web sites, on television, and via mailings of DVDs.

Every client and project is very important to us. We take great pride in our commitment to producing outstanding videos and television programming. Do you have a story to tell? Call Pro Video Productions today at (218) 727-4112.


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